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Large organisations have a conventional way of functioning - setting targets at the top, aiming for higher sales, traditional marketing of products and streamlined employee roles. At Hitech, we often find ourselves walking the path less travelled. Self-driven growth is the essence of our operations. We believe perfection is a journey and backed by our motivated employees, we are constantly attaining new milestones with vigor, enthusiasm and wisdom collected along every step of the way.

The Hitech group was founded by Mr. Ashwin Dani in 1991, currently catering to over 2000 customers through 1000+ professionals and experts. In our illustrious journey, we have spread our wings across a variety of key businesses such as manufacturing of rigid plastic containers for lubricants, paints & coatings, construction chemicals & adhesives industries; trading in speciality chemicals, personal care and cosmetic formulations, food & nutrition, and insurance across numerous sectors. Headquartered in Mumbai, our operations are spread across 15 locations in India, including 13 top-notch manufacturing facilities, a DSIR approved in-house Design & Development centre.”

As a prime Indian conglomerate, we are constantly striving to challenge the market. Keen insight-driven innovation, in-depth product expertise, and strategic management practices help us stay on top of our competitors and enhance relationships with our customers & stakeholders.

Over the years, we have developed unique practices that play a pivotal role in day-to-day success. We share the belief that external change can only be achieved through internal perfection. A Hitech employee is motivated and encouraged to exercise their unique lens, share their perspectives, and collaborate to create path-breaking solutions across products and industries. Every morning, across plants, offices as well as the head office, our employees come together to partake in activities that elevate harmony and productivity. We start each day by worshipping all religions collectively, as one unified voice of Hitech. A laughter session, recital of the company’s quality policy, followed by a guided Vipassana meditation session combine to create the right atmosphere to overcome any hurdles we may face.

To be the most respected solutions provider in the plastics and specialty chemicals business.
To be best at satisfying customers’ needs with innovative and tailored solutions. This will be achieved through the integration of individual creativity and talent into the collective action of our employees.
Integrity + Innovation + Commitment = Excellence
Over the last 28 years, the Hitech brand has been synonymous with the following core values: ‘Integrity’ at work, ‘Innovation’ in thought, ‘Commitment’ to all internal and external stakeholders, with a focus on driving ‘Excellence’ across the Group’s offerings and initiatives.

Our Journey

Our Customers & Partners


A group of companies the likes of Hitech will always be greater than the sum of its parts - always inspiring positive developments across sectors of operations and stakeholders impacted. It is this united belief of Hitech companies and employees that allow us to take determined steps to safeguard our environment. Sustainability driven innovations are essential to protect our planet from exploitative practices of businesses that do not have any value addition in society.

The Hitech culture, be it manufacturing, or logistics, involves utilisation of all our resources to their maximum potential and minimising wastage of any kind. From an individual employee practising waste segregation to wind turbines generating electricity in our facilities, we practice and preach dual sustainability, environmentally and economically.

Hitech manufacturing sites are strategically located near key client hubs that not only offer us a cost advantage but reinforces our pact with our planet through lower transportation requirements and consequent carbon footprints. Our innovation experts are continually working on ways and methods to enhance resource utilisation, efficiency, and thereby power sustainable growth. This reflects in many of our creations such as customised stackable containers that regulate volumes to be transported, eco-friendly chemical formulations, and gradual shifts to environmentally sound raw materials.

We have initiated a tree plantation drive for nature restoration and maintaining the ecological balance in areas of our operations. As a part of this project, we aim to plant a total of 10000 trees throughout the country. We also raise awareness on the importance of tree plantation and environmental conservation to school-going children and various communities we serve through this initiative.

In all our efforts towards sustainability and better business yields, we include our customers, suppliers, and alliance partners.

Hitech & Society

A driving force behind operations at Hitech is a unanimous, unwavering belief in the power of great businesses. A great business stands tall on the pillars of great ideas. Ideas that imagine, implement, and inspire not only financial growth but a holistic path to development for all stakeholders. At Hitech, it has never been solely about the balance sheets and profit statements. We measure our success to the extent of the positive impacts we can have on our customers, partners, and more importantly, society at large. Our individual efforts of making the world a better place come together through Hitech’s social interventions and pioneering CSR activities.